Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cedarwood Oil & Sweet Dreams

I asked my husband before our much-adored nap today if he'd like me to diffuse some essential oils. Occasionally I'll do that before we sleep to help us drift off better. He said, "Sure!" That's one of the many things that I love about my husband. He enjoys natural fragrances as much as I do, so it makes it especially fun to experiment. 
I did some poking around on Pinterest to see which oils might enhance sleep. I came across a Young Living pin on cedarwood oil that recommended dabbing a drop on the wrists and forehead to promote rest. 

After I anointed my husband and I, we lay down and soon were floating away to a slightly narcotic slumber, the earthy and grounding woody fragrance penetrating our subconscious. We will be trying this again before bed tonight.
Later this afternoon, I mixed and burned in the diffuser rosemary, cinnamon, fir, black pepper, and nutmeg for a very stimulating and energetic blend. It filled the air with a robust aromatic scent that was stimulating to inhale.

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