Monday, January 13, 2014

Missouri History Museum

My sister and I laughed as we made our way up the sidewalk to the Missouri History Museum on Lindell Boulevard today. The sign said, "Caution. Ice." 
It's hard to believe that most of the ice and snow has melted since last Monday here in St. Louis, when everything was a blanket of white.
We spent a little over an hour wandering around, first checking out the Thomas Jefferson room, and then upstairs we meandered through the St. Louis history displays. 
Andrea, my sister, told me she wished she'd had more time to spend reading everything on the walls and examining each exhibit.
This is definitely a two-day or so field trip. I got stuck absorbing crinkly-looking framed newspaper reports of the 1896 south St. Louis tornado that killed around 200 people. Back in that day, they didn't have the means to handle a disaster like that. The mounds of rubble and broken down homes looked pretty dire. 
Sitting on make-shift bleachers in a darkened room decorated with St. Louis Cardinals' memorabilia, Andrea and I watched a documentary on a large screen. There were several interviews about favorite memories connected to the team. 
We'll be back! This is a great place to learn all about St. Louis and I highly recommend it!
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