Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Accidentally Helped My Heartburn

I accidentally helped my heartburn. In the process of trying some oils for allergies and potential cold bugs going around, I discovered instant relief from another problem I encounter from time to time: acid reflux.
I had read about the benefits of using lavender, lemon, and peppermint in a capsule for allergies. I started mixing this for my husband a week or so ago as he has been suffering with continual styes and weepy eyes for months now. We live near downtown St. Louis and Missouri is known as the allergy state. 

I thought that adding a drop of Thieves would boost the immune-building quality of the mix, so I put the four oils in a capsule for him. I put a lesser amount in a capsule for myself and began taking it, as well. 
About five days ago I began experiencing burning up my esophagus, burping, and just a general uncomfortable feeling in my stomach and chest. I've dealt with this off and on for awhile now. After taking my routine allergy capsule, the pain completely vanished and the symptoms went away. I had the same experience yesterday. I started feeling that acid-like sensation and after popping my oil capsule the pain was gone. 
I realize that there is more to this than just taking away the symptom, but it was a blessing to get quick relief when I've usually had to suffer with it for hours until it goes away and this includes after taking enzymes. 
Here's my concoction:
1 gelatin capsule
1 drop lemon
1 drop peppermint
1 drop lavender
1 drop Thieves
Drop oils into capsule and assemble. Take capsule with a glass of water. 
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Deep Relief Lives Up to Its Name

I forgot we had it. It was the free product I received in the mail with my last Young Living order. I went to the medicine cabinet and pulled the little bottle of "Deep Relief" from the shelf. I rolled it on a few sore spots, and I handed it to my husband who applied it to some of his problem areas. 
Wow! The cool spice penetrates through the top of the skin into the muscle, enveloping the deeper layers of the muscle and providing instant comfort. This is probably one of the best topical muscle analgesics I've ever used. My husband was amazed, feeling actual physical relaxation in his tense spots and claiming his sleep was helped, as well. Even the smell is invigorating and not too medicinal. We love Deep Relief! And no wonder! Look at the oils it's made of:
Peppermint oil 
Lemon peel oil 
Balsam fir, Idaho oil
Copaiba oil
Clove flower bud oil 
Wintergreen leaf oil 
Helichrysum oil
Vetiver root oil
Palo santo oil 
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Flowers & Citrus: Revamping An Old Recipe

It started probably a couple of years ago. 

My husband said, "No more Febreze in the bathroom. 
I'm tired of smelling poop and flowers." So I created my own aromatherapy sprays, one of them specifically for the bathroom: "Stinky Pete." I launched into full creative mode, and for the next several months sniffed, blended, mixed, and jotted down in my notebook a number of smelly concoctions, maybe a little like Perfume: Story of a Murderer's Giuseppe Baldini in his upstairs office when a moment of olfactory inspiration hit. 
Another blend that came out of the whirlwind of smelly production was "Summer Bloom," a light and fruity floral spray that has a high citrus top note and sweet jasmine middle. 
This one has been in our bathroom serving as a "post-poop" spray for months and it finally ran out. I revamped my old creation with some of my on-hand Young Living oils and I think it turned out better this time. Think bee-kissed blossoms and sunshiny citrus. 
Here's the recipe: 
                               Summer Bloom Spray 
makes a 4 oz. spray 
1/2 cup filtered water  
21 drops Young Living Sensation
15 drops Young Living Lemon
6 drops of Young Living Orange  
Spray as needed to freshen air, or use as a light body mist.  

Orange is an antiseptic, while lemon keeps germs from multiplying. Sensation is the blend I used to make the Couple's Massage Oil last month and adds a mellow floral softness that invites and pleases.   
Young Living oils are some of the finest out there, with a very small percentage of their crops making it to production because of rigorous quality standards. For more info, click on my link: