Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tips from Massage & Bodywork

I want to keep learning. After all, it keeps the brain sharp and life much more interesting. As a therapist, especially, I want to keep learning about my craft. So yesterday, I picked up the latest issue of massage & bodywork, the January/February 2015 edition, and started reading the article on "What It Takes To Create A Lifelong Career." 
I highlighted a couple of things, which I thought were especially applicable to me: 

  1. Spot-treating, as opposed to whole body work. Ken and Alma Carroll, a couple who contributed to this article said that their business "turned a corner" when they started doing spot treatments on their clients. I agree. This is what I've started to do more of, and it's really making a big difference with a couple of my clients, one of which spent thousands of dollars on unsuccessful conventional treatments for a chronic pain issue that's lasted a few years now.
  2.  Experiment with other types of massage modalities. This one was good for me, as I tend to lean towards similar methods or continuing education classes over and over, particularly Thai massage and aromatherapy.
  3. Ask tough questions. In the article, there are a list of questions that every therapist should ask his or herself. It may be uncomfortable to think about where I fall short, but it is absolutely essential to success as a therapist. I need to work on this one more and "be prepared for honest feedback."
  4. Walk the talk. I haven't been practicing this one so well. I need to take more time out for regular massages and personal wellness. 

Bodywork is a whole big world, even universe, of unique and interesting things to learn, one which requires curiosity and passion; courage and discomfort. Here's to growth and change in the new year!

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