Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Flowers & Citrus: Revamping An Old Recipe

It started probably a couple of years ago. 

My husband said, "No more Febreze in the bathroom. 
I'm tired of smelling poop and flowers." So I created my own aromatherapy sprays, one of them specifically for the bathroom: "Stinky Pete." I launched into full creative mode, and for the next several months sniffed, blended, mixed, and jotted down in my notebook a number of smelly concoctions, maybe a little like Perfume: Story of a Murderer's Giuseppe Baldini in his upstairs office when a moment of olfactory inspiration hit. 
Another blend that came out of the whirlwind of smelly production was "Summer Bloom," a light and fruity floral spray that has a high citrus top note and sweet jasmine middle. 
This one has been in our bathroom serving as a "post-poop" spray for months and it finally ran out. I revamped my old creation with some of my on-hand Young Living oils and I think it turned out better this time. Think bee-kissed blossoms and sunshiny citrus. 
Here's the recipe: 
                               Summer Bloom Spray 
makes a 4 oz. spray 
1/2 cup filtered water  
21 drops Young Living Sensation
15 drops Young Living Lemon
6 drops of Young Living Orange  
Spray as needed to freshen air, or use as a light body mist.  

Orange is an antiseptic, while lemon keeps germs from multiplying. Sensation is the blend I used to make the Couple's Massage Oil last month and adds a mellow floral softness that invites and pleases.   
Young Living oils are some of the finest out there, with a very small percentage of their crops making it to production because of rigorous quality standards. For more info, click on my link:

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