Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Deep Relief Lives Up to Its Name

I forgot we had it. It was the free product I received in the mail with my last Young Living order. I went to the medicine cabinet and pulled the little bottle of "Deep Relief" from the shelf. I rolled it on a few sore spots, and I handed it to my husband who applied it to some of his problem areas. 
Wow! The cool spice penetrates through the top of the skin into the muscle, enveloping the deeper layers of the muscle and providing instant comfort. This is probably one of the best topical muscle analgesics I've ever used. My husband was amazed, feeling actual physical relaxation in his tense spots and claiming his sleep was helped, as well. Even the smell is invigorating and not too medicinal. We love Deep Relief! And no wonder! Look at the oils it's made of:
Peppermint oil 
Lemon peel oil 
Balsam fir, Idaho oil
Copaiba oil
Clove flower bud oil 
Wintergreen leaf oil 
Helichrysum oil
Vetiver root oil
Palo santo oil 
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