Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sore Throats, Sneezing, & Superpower Plants

I love essential oils! I use them every day. When did this obsession start? Not sure when, but it was a very long time ago...

It's still going. 

Recently I've come to love not just the scent and the emotional benefit of essential oils, but also their physical effects. It never ceases to amaze me how these little "healers in a bottle" do such a big job for our bodies. 

I was down in Florida visiting my in-laws a few weeks ago. Usually when there I am forced to take an antihistamine. I had seen many online posts about using lavender, lemon, and peppermint to combat the effects of allergies. I decided to take my Young Living oils with me and try them instead of the medication if need be. 

Sure enough, after a day or two in the muggy and mildewy air I began sniffing and sneezing. The symptoms would not go away until I popped a capsule (3 drops each) of lavender, lemon, and peppermint. A few minutes after I swallowed, the symptoms would abate for a few hours. Sometimes I rubbed 1 drop each of the oils on my shoulders to give the internal dose an extra kick. It worked every time and I never once had to take an allergy pill. Quite impressed, I have to say! 

Then there was my parent's home, and Tigger, our family's overgrown and very fluffy kitty. I love me some Tigger, but my body doesn't react too well to her fur. I popped the oils and was fine.

My sister graduated this year and Mom did her wonderful and usual thing of making mounds of decadent and delicious food, some of which was off our diet, like the rich, creamy macaroni and cheese, and the almond cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. There were also the nightly binges of ice cream, chocolate, and candy. Got to love a foodie family! 

After a couple of days I started to feel a sore throat coming on. Uh oh. Getting a sore throat on a vacation usually does not end well for me. (insert sad violin track here)

Surprise, surprise, the story had a good ending! Thanks to the hero: Thieves. (applause track here)

Yes, I took 1 drop of Thieves oil (a blend of lemon, clove, rosemary, cinnamon, & eucalyptus oils) in a glass of water once or twice a day for the next couple of days and the sore throat went away. Phew! 

I'm pretty sold on the these oily gems and I'm looking forward to finding new ways to use them! 

Message me to find out how you can start on your own oily journey, or click on the link below:

Check out the "Seed to Seal" video below!

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