Monday, February 17, 2014

ADD? Go Back to Your Roots

Go back to your roots. 

Vetiver oil, that is. It's extracted from the root of the vetiver grass. I purchased a bottle from Young Living a couple of weeks ago because I'd read that it benefits people with ADD. 
My husband has struggled with this condition off and on his whole life. After getting on Adderall a couple of years ago, his life dramatically improved. Being the natural couple we are (some would say "hippy"!), however, we would like to not be so dependent on drugs to regulate symptoms like this. We realize this is not always possible, and medications definitely have their place.
We are trying the oil combo Valor and Vetiver. It's only been a couple of days, but I've been putting the Valor on the back of my husband's neck and the Vetiver on his big toe, or on his wrist. 
I asked him today if he's noticed anything in particular. He says that it hasn't been long enough to report significant symptom changes, but one thing he has noticed is less anxiety. 
No surprise there. Vetiver is a wonderful earthy smell, and as it fades, becomes sultry and exotically powder-like. It lingers, and even after applying it to my hubby, I've benefited from its calming effects.
We will keep you posted! 
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