Friday, October 18, 2013

Free Write Thoughts from Today's Devotional Musings

I told God that he was weird today. The old prophet in Israel went to eat at the other prophet's house in Bethel because he was told by the inviting prophet that God said to do it (it was a lie). He was later cursed. (see 1 Kings 13) The hosting prophet sent the other prophet away on a donkey and along the way a lion came out and killed him. The lion did not eat the man or his animal, but just stood there, along with the donkey. Why is that story even in there? I'm ignorant, for sure, but on the surface it's such a bizarre tale. Why did the prophet have to die for such a "little" offense, and that which he did in ignorance? I do not understand.
Then reading James today about not being a forgetful hearer. The doer of the Word will be the blessed one. I want that. I want more "do" in my life. It goes along with my readings in Bonhoeffer. He talked about how ones theology had to be backed by practical living. "Real faith and love...were identical for him." This is the message of James: faith without works is dead, being alone. Visit the fatherless and the widow...give no respect to the rich, but give equal acknowledgement to the poor. 
Bonhoeffer also liked the idea of confessing your sins and faults to each other (also comes out of James!). He felt that this was healthy, not in an intercessory way, but in a pray for one another, encourage one another way. He felt that Lutherans had thrown the baby out with the bathwater when they broke away from Catholicism and did away with any sort of open confession. 
In the book it talks about how he confessed his struggles to his close friend Eberhard Bethge. One of Bonhoeffer's trials was depression. I can relate somewhat. Sometimes the darkness comes out of nowhere. Feelings can be so changeable and make a beautiful picture or a horror story out of life.
Who are your friends? Who are my friends? Who do we share and confess with and to? How have we been helping to heal one another through confession? 
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