Saturday, October 12, 2013

ADD & Massage

Today I had a 6-year old client on my table. Her daddy and younger sister came in with her for her first massage appointment.

She had been begging her parents for a real massage "with oil," for awhile, and finally they decided to set one up. 
Her dad was a little concerned she'd be able to spend the 30 minutes they'd booked laying still on the table, especially since she was ADD. Dad did wonder, however, if massage might be just the thing she needed, something that would help to reset that seemingly always on-button that never seemed to be able to go off.

We all crowded into the small cozy massage room, my little client under some flannel midnight blue sheets, while Dad and her sister sat in the corner on a wooden chair, playing games on a computer tablet. 

Most of my clients are adults, so it was fun and cute to work around such tiny scapulae, arms, and neck.

She barely moved for the 30 minutes she lay on the table. During some points she even started to fall asleep. 

When it was all done I asked her how she liked it and she told me that she liked it a lot! Her dad was really impressed she had settled for that long, It was a moment of realization for both of us that massage is helpful for those active minds that struggle to relax and process the world around them.

Massage: it really does do a body good -- and a mind!
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