Thursday, June 30, 2011

Perfect World

In a perfect world there would be no long lines at the post office. Coffee would always turn out just the way you like it and the housework would do itself. All the traffic lights would turn green as you approached them, (except for when you need to fiddle with your GPS and reroute, send a text, or fill out a deposit slip for the bank), and the slow driver in front of you would pull over quickly so you could pass. Nobody would tailgate, and whenever you flicked on your turn signal, drivers would immediately slow down to let you in. The parking spot closest to the entrance would always be available, and no one would ever try to steal it. Each day everything on your agenda would be completed without much effort or thought with plenty of time left over to watch movies, read, or do whatever leisurely thing you wanted. You would have the energy of a five-year old, and the wisdom of a sage. You would always have plenty of money in the bank. Relationships would be smooth. There would be no conflict, and everyone would like you.

We all could go on and on about what we think is the “perfect” world.

But there's no such thing. Not in this life. Our lives are riddled with imperfection. Every human and earthly creation has been tainted by sin. Death and decay is stamped on all of us. We set up false ideals of perfection, and when things go against these ideals we are disappointed, angry, bitter, or discontent. We are constantly fighting the tendency to be a mini-God. We create our perfect world and then become angry when people or circumstances mess it up. We forget that we as Christians are destined for a “better country,” as Hebrews 11:16 talks about. Our spiritual amnesia leads us to grumble and complain when our already decaying earthly home falls apart.

Let's not be surprised or discouraged when our lives here are less than perfect. It's just a reminder not to get too cozy here on earth and that there is something far better in store for us than the less than mediocre world we live in now.

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