Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's been a long day today. Thank God for naps! I enjoyed one this afternoon and am glad for the rest after arising early, 5:45AM. This is the typical start on Sundays when Matt & I have to play on the worship team. Rehearsal starts at 8AM, but there is much preparation before taking off. Specifically today. I had to prepare an after-church lunch that my husband and I could munch before collaborating with the few who have shown interest in the upcoming Africa mission trip. We leave earlier, as well, because we have to set up Matt's drum set, which takes some extra time.
We plowed through the rehearsal, which included some extra songs for the baptisms scheduled after the main service. After that was the 9:30 "Equipping Hour" study: So Many Questions. I have learned a lot from this study and have found that it has provided me with more encouragement to be bold in my witness for Jesus. I like the empowerment that the material has given. Lord, help me to use this!
P.C. (Pastor Curt) provoked us with a hard-hitting message from John 12:20-26, challenging us to be like the Greeks, who made it their goal to seek out Jesus. Okay, so let me ponder a moment and just think about how I'm going to apply the Word this week. How will I seek Jesus more than I have been? God, help me to get my lazy butt out of bed to spend extra time with you. How about pursuing others and helping them seek Jesus? Who specifically? Will they be both believers and non-believers? Yes, I have some people in mind. How does seeking what's eternal play out in all of my duties and relationships? This life is gone before you know it. What can I do to invest it to the max? God has started a good work in me and will perform it to the end. I believe, and claim that.
The most beautiful thing I saw today was the video clip of the Digo people (filmed during a 2007 mission trip) dancing through the mud streets, carrying cardboard boxes full of Bibles on the tops of their heads. It was the first time the Scriptures were translated into their language, and they were celebrating. So much enthusiasm! I have a shelf full of Bibles and Biblical books that I merely yawn at. I was fighting back tears as I watched. What a precious scene, and a convicting one! How much do I need you, God? Help me realize that it's every hour, every moment that I really do.

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